Hutterite Colony Increases vegetable yields by up to 400%

Hutterite colonies (communal farms that embrace religion and advanced agricultural technology) have been growing most of the food that they eat for several hundred years.  Gardens, which can be upwards of 20 acres in size, grow enough vegetables to supply the needs of the colony, which can be over 100 people.  Additionally, vegetables are sold to the public, either purchased at the colony or at farmer’s markets.  Gardening expertise acquired over centuries has been handed down to the “Garden Boss”.

The Garden Boss at Alix Colony is Sam Hofer.  Sam, like his brother Henry (the Field Boss) is dedicated to maximizing production using best management practices.  Sam applied CanAmaze VRP at the rate of 1000 lbs/acre to most of the garden for the 2015 crop.

The only exception was a potato patch (the south patch) a short distance away from the main garden.   The same variety was planted in the main garden and in the south patch at the same time – with the same fertility and management practices.  The only difference was that the potato patch in the main garden had received the application of CanAmaze VRP.


In early August Sam instructed his assistants to pull three potato plants randomly from each of the potato patches and count the number of potatoes belonging to each plant.  The potatoes in the south patch averaged six potatoes per plant whereas the potatoes in the main garden (with CanAmaze VRP) averaged twelve potatoes per plant (free of scabs).   Exact yields will be determined when both patches are harvested in September.

Broccoli has been harvested with results as follows:  plants were much larger than normal, with heads up to one foot (4.7 cm) in diameter.  Yield of the broccoli and cauliflower were 400% of normal.



Cucumbers have been harvested with results as follows:  plants were much larger than normal.  Yield of the cucumber crop was 240% of normal.

Yellow beans and green beans have been harvested with results as follows:  Yield of the beans crop was 200 % of normal.

Pea yield is reported as comparable to normal.

Radishes were planted late in the season and were ready to eat in 21 days. Yield of radishes was 200% of normal.


Onions much larger than normal weighing up to 1 lb. (454 gms) with yields being 200% of normal.

Alix Colony along with a number of other growers have commented on the large increase of earthworms in the soil.

According to Sam Hofer CanAmaze VRP can increase yields up to 400%, producing healthy plants while increasing water holding capacity of the soil and earthworm population.

Significant yield increases, healthy plants, increased earthworm population and increased water holding of the soil are common observations by growers using CanAmaze VRP in 2015.