Different ways to apply CanAmaze Volcanic Rock Powder to Soil

CanAmaze is easy to apply.  It never burns and stays in the soil until the microbes use it.  So there is no need to worry about adding too much.  Here are some extra guidelines depending on what’s easiest for you.


Sprinkle CanAmaze along the row around each plant.  CanAmaze is good for all plants including vegetables, fruits, surbs, trees, grass and flowers–big or small.


Sprinkle at least 1 pound per 25 feet of garden row.  It’s good to rake CanAmaze into the soil and water it in, so that it doesn’t blow away; being a powder.


For bushes, it’s also good to sprinkle around the drip line of the leaves and water into the ground.


You may also add at least 1 tsp of CanAmaze for every liter of water to water your plants.  CanAmaze is not water soluble but it suspends well, so just give your jug a stir before watering each time.


CanAmaze Volcanic Rock Powder is also very good for compost help speed up the compost process.  Add about 8 ounces for each 3.8 cubic feet.