Hello Grant:

This picture is of our sunflower plot which was planted on June 18, 2015.

My son, Nolan is 65 inches tall.  An actual measurement of it on September 11, 2015 was 11’ 41” The sunflower patch is 12’ square.

We had 30 mph winds 3 weeks ago.  Because of the strong root system and the 1.5” stocks, the sunflower plants did not uproot.

We tilled the soil to a fine blend, free of roots and worked 50 lbs of Canamaze  VRP into the soil to a depth of 8 inches.  No fertilizers were added to the soil, The soil contains gravel, clays (bentonite, as native to the valley) and a light brown loam. The soil mixture was light brown in color, containing very little or no black soil. Now it is light gray in color (attesting to the bentonite content of the Drumheller Valley soils )

The entire back 50’ of the yard is a flood control berm. There was little effort by the town to put decent soil back on the lot.   The lawn only does well if it gets loads of water and fertilizer.

Around the sunflower plot I planted 14 hills of seed potatoes which I harvested 3 weeks ago.  Potato sizes varied from golf ball to soft ball sizes.  There were no scabs or blight marks.


  • An abundance of earthworms from the surface to a depth of 4 inches creating permeability.

  • A tremendous mass of roots throughout the top 3 to 4 inches

  • Abundant moisture from 2” and lower. We did not water, and the last rains came with the big wind.

The features and benefits of Canamaze VRP

  • Paramagnetism provides the energy required by microbes, enzymes and bacteria to perform numerous functions to the benefit of and proliferation of the plants.  The complexity of these interactions is completely understood by few people, if any.

  • Very small particle size provides a large number of particles throughout the soil profile, with a significant advantage of dramatically increasing surface area of particles.  Such smaller particles are far easier digested by microbes.   The microbes convert the minerals and trace elements into forms easily taken up by the plants.  The plants store the minerals and make vitamins.  Minerals come from the soil (through the plant) and vitamins are manufactured by the plant.

  • Silicon content of Canamaze VRP is 24.2%.  It is probably the best soil amendment that can be added to soil to increase water retention.

  • Because of the benefits of Paramagnetism, small particle size and 63+ minerals and trace elements, there is reason to suspect that CanAmaze VRP may be beneficial as an inclusion to drilling muds, or as a component of a protocol for the redemption of contaminated hydro carbon sites.