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CanAmaze VRP Zip Lock Pouch 9.07 Kg

Why CanAmaze VRP? Westcan Marketing Inc. CanAmaze VRP “Soil Saver” is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production in accordance with the USDA National Organic Program Rules and Canadian Organic Standards. CanAmaze VRP contains 63+ minerals and trace elements. More major nutrients than Azomite, Glacial Dust & Cascade Minerals combined. CanAmaze VRP has 6.48% Calcium vs others combined 4.2 CanAmaze VRP has 2.364% Magnesium vs others combined .559 CanAmaze VRP has 7.65% Iron vs others combined 7.95% CanAmaze VRP has 2.173% Sodium vs others combined 1.26% CanAmaze VRP agricultural and horticultural grade particle size is 73% of 325 mesh or smaller. CanAmaze VRP has paramagnetic properties of +/- 6000 μCGS units as measured with Phil Callahan Soil Meter. Para magnetism can increase microbial activity up to 300%. CanAmaze VRP’s 24.2% Silicon provides incredible water holding capacity to soils in addition to vastly increased population of earthworms.
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